The most luxurious areas to live in England

The most luxurious areas to live in England

Properties in England are in high demand at the moment and you will find that some of the most luxuries places to live in the world are situated on the small island of the UK. Whether you’re looking for a country home or a metropolitan penthouse, you will find whatever it is that you’re looking for in our run-down of some of the best places to live in the UK.

Kensington and Chelsea

Despite this being possibly the most expensive area to live in the UK, there is no doubt that the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a beautiful place to call home. You have the stunning Hyde Park and Kyoto Garden a short distance away- as well designer shops, cinemas, museums, bars, restaurants and more. You also have the iconic Notting Hill where you can see world famous events, and visit some of London’s historic markets and galleries. This is one of the trendiest places to be and you will find only the best of the best if you choose to live here.


Cambridge offers so much more than a University – this city is an idyllic location for anyone looking for peace, balmy afternoon walks and lazy boat rides down the canal. Cambridge is well known for its historic architecture, especially its Gothic chapel. This city is particularly lovely during the summer when everyone will be out on their bikes or lounging in one of the beautiful parks here. Tour the museums, explore Market square, and enjoy the quiet life in the historic hubbub that Cambridge offers in abundance.


Offering the best of both worlds, York has quiet country beauty as well as bustling city life for you to interact with. With much of its historical architecture still intact, this is yet another location in England that offers charming walks and tours. Much of life is also spent outdoors in York; you can get practically anywhere on foot and street performers and river side cafes keep the wandering crowds content during the warmer months. The shopping here is just as incredible as the city’s choice of bars and restaurants.


While Bath might be famous for its more tourist identity, there is a real city underneath the frippery that makes it a wonderful place to live. For families and soon-to-be parents, Bath has some of the UK’s highest achieving schools as well as two fantastic Universities that offer a range of degree options for students. Culture is in good supply here with a host of museums, galleries, theatres for those with a penchant for antiques and vintage fashion. If you’re looking for both style and substance, Bath is the place to be.


If want to experience the epitome of quaint English life – cream scones, castles, birdwatching and beaches – then Suffolk is the best place relocate to. On the East coast of England, this historic county is soaked in culture and every part of it is positively idyllic. The difference between Suffolk and other areas on this list, however, is that property isn’t nearly as expensive. In the county town of Ipswich, where you’ll find the perfect mix of history and heritage, you’ll find both luxury properties with acres to spare and quiet cul-de-sacs. So, contact an estate agent in Ipswich to find luxury homes today.

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