Loft Ex Magazzini Generali with a furniture reflection of modern and vintage design

Loft Ex Magazzini Generali with a furniture reflection of modern and vintage design

Architects: Zanon Architetti Associati
Location: Venice, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: 1.292 ft²/ 120 m²
Photo courtesy: Mariano Zanon

“Magazzini Generali was the first industrial area of the city, founded between XIX and XX centuries, in an unique location reflection of the commercial industry: railways, factories and docks which, in the past, were the image of the city. In this area, between factories and warehouses, Magazzini Generali were founded, with a little harbour and 700 meters (7,535 feet) long dock, which is now part of the Laguna Palace (hotel and congress center).


In 1940 the cotton warehouses were transformed in residential blocks. What in the past were only cement stores are now stunning residential buildings.


The apartment is located in the Ex Magazzini Generali (Old General Warehouse), on the raised floor in the last of five blocks. It is exposed to the Canal Salso which connects, by water, Mestre to Venice. On the ground floor, a spacious and bright living room, a fully equipped kitchen with island, laundry and toilet. Upstairs, two double bedrooms with bathroom. Through Cassina sofas, Vitra objects and Artemide lamps, you will appreciate the furniture reflection of modern and vintage design.”

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