Lefevre Beach House by Longhi Architects

Lefevre Beach House by Longhi Architects

Architects: Longhi Architects
Location: Misterio Beach, Lima, Peru
Year: 2008
Area: 5,700 square-foot  
Photos: CHOlon Photography

Imagined as the spot where the dry Peruvian desert meets the Pacific Ocean, this shoreline house situated at Punta Misterio 117 km. south of Lima, is an intercession where the reconciliation of construction modeling and scene was an essential concern.


Sand greenhouse rooftops go about as the desert’s augmentation; lap and diversion pools associate the sea with the house, while a glass box dangles from the structure symbolizing building design in the middle of sand and water.

Lefevre-Beach-House-02Lefevre-Beach-House-01-1 Lefevre-Beach-House-01-2 Lefevre-Beach-House-01-3 Lefevre-Beach-House-01 Lefevre-Beach-House-03-1 Lefevre-Beach-House-03-2 Lefevre-Beach-House-03 Lefevre-Beach-House-04-1 Lefevre-Beach-House-04-3 Lefevre-Beach-House-04 Lefevre-Beach-House-05-3 Lefevre-Beach-House-05 Lefevre-Beach-House-06 Lefevre-Beach-House-07-9 Lefevre-Beach-House-07 Lefevre-Beach-House-08 Lefevre-Beach-House-13 Lefevre-Beach-House-15 Lefevre-Beach-House-21 Lefevre-Beach-House-22 Lefevre-Beach-House-23 Lefevre-Beach-House-24 Lefevre-Beach-House-25 Lefevre-Beach-House-26 Lefevre-Beach-House-27 Lefevre-Beach-House-28 Lefevre-Beach-House-29

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