Kaunas Wood House by Studija Archispektras

Kaunas Wood House by Studija Archispektras

Architects: Studija Archispektras
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Juozas Kamenskas

The house is arranged on the stream shore. The envelope of the building is made out of glass and rusted steel planes which were mounted in vertical portions keeping in mind the end goal to have a figurative connection with developing pine trees on the site. Despite the fact that steel is very refined and frosty material, its splendid ocher shading tones like wide boards cut from a new wood and gives a visual warmth to the house.


The undertaking has effectively executed various intense advanced configuration arrangements. In the wake of remowing the wooden formwork, unpleasant solid surface showed up and turned into the primary inside expression component. Moreover, straightforward and smooth glass surfaces were generally utilized which made the inside staying in contact with nature.


Lighting is siting through the whole length of the parlor in the style of a film studio where the practical light can be spotted to the fancied area – parlor corner or eating table.

House-Woods-Kaunas-03As an offset to the industrial facility like inside, the regular wood components were copiously utilized. Strong oak shows up all over – it rules in a stupendous kitchen on the ground floor, and also stairwell dividers, floors, roofs, cupboards and entryways on the first floor. Cupboards – like strong wood boxes – outlined without handles, pivots or other damaging components so as to totally keep a moderate style. Consideration here is centered around more critical things – the vital magnificence of normal materials.

House-Woods-Kaunas-04The brilliant surface gives a foundation and highlights the work of art triptych by Konstantinas Žardalevičius in the front room and embellishing Graffiti in youngster’s room by Tadas Vincaitis-Plūgas.


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