Inclined Slab House – TETRO Arquitetura

Project name: Inclined Slab House

Company name: TETRO Arquitetura

Completion Year: 2017

Project Location: Nova Lima / Brazil

Team: Débora Vieira and Igor Macedo

Other participants: Márcio Gonçalves (Structural project)

Photo credits: Jomar Bragança


Based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, TETRO ARQUITETURA is formed by architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes, and Igor Macedo. The office’s professional practice is based on the careful study of the premises and conditions of the site and the client, seeking a unique and unrepeatable solution to each project. Fundamentals such as integration with nature, use of natural materials and exploration of architectural voids are characteristics that permeate every project, from urban scale to furniture design.

The office was awarded the first prize in the competition for the Minas Gerais Symphony Orchestra Headquarters. It is responsible for projects of museums, venues, commercial, residential and industrial buildings in various states of Brazil.


This house is located in front of a preserved area facing mountain views and it is set on a steep slope covered with typical Brazilian savanna vegetation. Its location strategy is defined by the extensive cover concrete slab, which is fluidly inserted according to the specific needs of the program and the terrain.

Spectacular view of the mountains

At first the concrete slab appears as a light component, which rests on only two pillars. It has the function of marking the main access and the garage, as well as framing the panorama that walks between the gorgeous view of the mountains and the area of Belo Horizonte, which is a very populated one. The main spaces of the ground floor are defined by the terrace where the pool and the large wooden deck are located, further down the slab slopes. The deck covers the whole course of the slab, shading it and hiding the inverted beams, giving lightness to the whole structure.

A light and a permeable element of the neighborhood

There are no barriers or fences on the ground floor. Counterpointing the set of fences and walls that are so regular in the surrounding, The house is seen in the neighborhood as a light and permeable element. The free circulation of wildlife on the ground is allowed by the strategy that transforms the free areas around the house into ecological corridors.

Abundant natural light

abundant natural light

All the private spaces are all located below the ground floor. Abundant natural light is allowed to enter the living/dining room thanks to the inclined segment of the roof slab.

On one side, large glass windows allow the view of the mountains. On the opposite side, a single steel/glass gate runs through the façade, connecting the room to a large grassy plateau – the backyard – surrounded by a stone retaining wall. The living room turns into a large balcony. The stone wall, over time, becomes an ecosystem, housing bees, ants, birds and lizards.

The unique and unrepeatable solution was once again found by the team of architects from Tetro Arquitectura, making another client happy due to their inspired choice which integrated nature in their design.


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