A Holiday Home in Mallorca by ecoDESIGNfinca

A Holiday Home in Mallorca by ecoDESIGNfinca

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Area: 4,305 sqft
Photo courtesy: ecoDESIGNfinca

This designer country house was built on a 17,000 m² (182,986 ft²) plot and absolutely quiet. When building large emphasis was placed on the processing of high-quality materials and the latest technology. The villa was built in H-shape on one level. Large picture windows provide a view of the beautiful interior courtyard with pool.


The 400 m² (4305 ft²) living space is divided into entrance hall with piano, modern fitted kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, master bedroom with dressing room, bathroom en suite, spa with sauna, shower & jacuzzi, an office room, guest WC and utility room. In addition, the villa also offers a bodega with panoramic windows and a view into the kitchen. An elegant fireplace separates the living and dining room.


For high quality facilities include inter alia Parquet flooring with underfloor heating, insulated exterior walls, aluminum double glazed windows and sliding elements, refined luxury bathrooms and a modern kitchen. A home ventilation system (especially suitable for allergy sufferers) and a heat pump provide summer and winter for the right room temperature. The undeveloped portion of the property can also be used for agriculture or of horse lovers. A private well produces about 80,000 liters (21,134 gallons) of water.

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