House Mazères by Hugues Tournier

House Mazères by Hugues Tournier

Architects: Hugues Tournier
Location: Mazères, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Year: 2012
Area: 3,770 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul Henri Delmur

The old ranch Ariégeoise character is embedded in the heart of agrarian area at the passageway of the town of Mazeres. The area is exceptionally lush and home throne by its enormity. On a 12x12m unique square arrangement, customary block stable, crude area roller and has had a few augmentations in the course of the most recent a quarter century.


On three levels totaling 350sqm valuable, the Housing Rehabilitation has helped an expansive family really taking shape. The house was purged and another, more contemporary association has made an assortment of space and courses.


Sets of twofold and triple stature volumes were light into the entire house. New advancement adjusted to the new way of life of these individuals are straightforward and moderate. The dim crude metal and the considerable white solids make an in number appear differently in relation to the warm block dividers and roller.


House-Mazeres-03-1 House-Mazeres-03-2 House-Mazeres-03 House-Mazeres-04 House-Mazeres-05 House-Mazeres-06 House-Mazeres-07 House-Mazeres-08 House-Mazeres-09 House-Mazeres-10 House-Mazeres-11 House-Mazeres-12 House-Mazeres-13-1 House-Mazeres-13-2 House-Mazeres-13-3 House-Mazeres-13 House-Mazeres-14-1 House-Mazeres-14 House-Mazeres-15 House-Mazeres-16

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