Haack House by 4D-Arquitetura

Haack House by 4D-Arquitetura

Architects: 4D-Arquitetura
Location: Guaíba, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Area: 442 sqm
Year: 2011
Photos: 4d-Arquitetura

This house sets off from others in its townhouse by the outline on straight lines and by the unadulterated volume arrangement, an exceptionally surely understood normal for the contemporary structural engineering.


Situated in a gated group, where dividers and wall are not permitted, this house had the outline created in three parallel level bars that ensures landscape sides, giving security to its inhabitants. The focal piece has two stories: on the ground floor are the social ranges at the middle – living, supper and relaxation.


At second floor, with access by a direct free stepping stool, is found the private territory. A major mezzanine makes the two story joining, giving the space higher sufficiency. A footbridge crosses the mezzanine, prompting the main room, while alternate rooms are on the flip side of the floor.


The house structure was based on metal braces and columns with two extensive solid arranges that serve as backing. This arrangement permitted free inside spaces and expansive swings at the front and back of the house, making two secured open livings.


The thought was to give a more noteworthy gentility to the focal volume, incorporating the inside end the outside of the house with expansive edges and glass sheets. Conversely with more opened ground floor, the upstairs and the two side volumes are more shut, one wood-framed and the other coated of masonry.

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