Gentle atmosphere for guests of a house that lies one hour’s drive from Beijing

Gentle atmosphere for guests of a house that lies one hour’s drive from Beijing

Architects: DL Atelier
Location: Duijiuyucun, Changping, Beijing, China
Year: 2017
Area: 4.843 ft²/ 450 m²
Photo courtesy: Haiting Sun

“Over these years, I always go camping with family or friends to deep mountains and forests, to desert or snow land. Those were where we enjoy the broad starlit sky together and keep far away from crowded city life. In the city, people race against precious time, yet time flies so slowly by spending in vain here. We were not swayed by considerations of gain and loss, which help us learn more in the process of wasting time.

Our Inn lies beside Ming Dynasty Tombs on one hour’s drive from Beijing, which is convenient for guests to switch from the bustling city life to quiet seclusion time. Even in the days of haze, you can still see the blue sky here.

This is not a farmhouse offered to taste country life, or a vacation hotel with countless entertainment activities. This is only a simple place to relax and let hair down.

Fresh food and beverage are offered here. We encourage people to cook, to talk, to interact rather than eat from the menu. The environment was designed to inspire humility, tolerance, enthusiasm and other beautiful emotions.

On sunny days, this shared kitchen will be activated by sunshine, like an open stage facing the courtyard, the operation table was purposely designed as an island like a hearth, where people can cook together, the chef will be the leading performer facing the audience, who enjoys the cooking itself as well as the praise from viewers.

The east part are the guest rooms with different themes and design languages, 5 rooms are sprinkled on an enclosed layout, guests will be facing mountains or lakes from different angles, and therefore feel some sense of relaxation and freedom.Families are most welcome, parents could read in the room and at the same time watch over their kids playing around in the courtyard, each family member will feel the connections in this atmosphere. Meanwhile, the spacial void and valid are interwoven together not only to blur the boundaries of segregation, but also to blur the distance between people.

There is not grand narrative of architecture or complicated construction method. Only local material as brick and wood are used here, with appropriate adjustment on scale and form. In springs, the brick wall will be covered by climbing plants and wild flowers, the whole courtyard will help people feel the sunlight and the wind. Our Inn, together with the background of mountain and river, offers a gentle atmosphere for guests’ aimless leisure life.

We hope it is a place to feel the passing time and enjoy the comfort of being close to family and friends.”

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