From Garage to Loft by Studio NOA Architecten

From Garage to Loft by Studio NOA Architecten

Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands
Photo courtesy: Studio NOA Architecten

Adaptive reuse is a way to get to a specific housing type. In the centre of Haarlem (West to Amsterdam) Studio NOA architects designed a loft kind of house in a former garage place.


The former car garage, offers a big hidden space in an enclosed building block. With a small facade at the street side, and a big workplace at the backside, it is a big empty space. The existing, typical, garage windows are characteristic for the industrial space.


Certain qualities. Like the garage windows at the back and the free empty space become the premises for the adaptive reuse. The industrial character of the ground floor remains because of a big open living room. The internal staircase is going to the big roof terrace. Daylight is kind of a problem in this type of spaces. With a lot roof windows the daylight could get into the bedroom and working room. Furthermore an old storage closet is changed into a sauna and the bathroom is positioned in the middle of the room. From the entrance to the backside a sight line, with two glass doors is the back bone of functional organisation. The corridor is wider at a certain point where a small library occurs.

From-Garage-to-Loft-03 From-Garage-to-Loft-04 From-Garage-to-Loft-05 From-Garage-to-Loft-06 From-Garage-to-Loft-07 From-Garage-to-Loft-08 From-Garage-to-Loft-09 From-Garage-to-Loft-10 From-Garage-to-Loft-11 From-Garage-to-Loft-12

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