Float House in Halifax by Omar Gandhi Architect

Float House in Halifax by Omar Gandhi Architect

Architects: Omar Gandhi Architect
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Doublespace Photography, Omar Gandhi Architect

Set in the midst of the one of a kind and sensational scene of Halifax’s Purcell’s Cove “backlands”, the living arrangement is propelled by the strewn barbed bedrock field of outcrop, subcrop and bedrock glide.


The formal massing of the house is one which was inferred to look as if it had been a bigger bedrock volume (outcrop) however one which has ended up separated and has migrated somewhat after some time (subcrop or coast).


The outside façade is clad is a dim washed wood cladding with slight varieties in example, looking like bedrock strata which give additional proof of subcrop development.


The house is went down by a few meter high expansive stone which makes a private zone between the home and the stone.


The house is made out of a focal volume for every day living flanked by two resting zones, one of which can be stopped when abandoned. From inside of the occupant watches out at the enormous perspective including a few lakes and the sea past.

Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-05 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-06 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-07 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-08 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-09 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-10 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-11 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-12 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-13 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-14 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-15 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-16 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-17 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-18 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-19 Float-House-in-Halifax-by-Omar-Gandhi-Architect-20

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