Black, white and yellow accents of H Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

Black, white and yellow accents of H Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

Architects: Z-AXIS DESIGN
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Z-AXIS DESIGN

Architect who represents considerable authority in advanced style passed on the configuration idea by utilizing moderate lines and culminate shading coordinating into the space.


Passageway entryway with a dark, sharp bit of metal edge as a begin, use highly contrasting shading as base shading, L-molded hanging cupboards stretch out to the vertical sides and adding backhanded lighting to diminish the greatness of the dim shading.


Splendid yellow shading amidst the cupboards segmentalized the limit line and a bit of glass to shape a showcase matrix which infuses an aesthetic sense to the space.


A unified living and eating zone with dark and yellow cupboards installed to the divider as capacity minimized intemperate beautifications, and an one-leg long table includes various employments of potential outcomes.


Through the dark sliding entryway is a study room, and with a specific end goal to increase the limited space, a dim mirror and a straightforward entryway are utilized to improve the visual impact.


Also, a yellow glass is set to shape a huge presentation bureau joining with the downlight of the roof which make a rich visual impression of the space.


Grayscale main room demonstrates a remarkable identity, in addition to a wood bureau implanted to the divider shaped a reasonable and lovely multi-level scene.

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