Find your childhood dream furniture at Barnebys!

Find your childhood dream furniture at Barnebys!


Whether you are a design geek or an environmental steward, Barnebys is the place to find your next furniture purchase. The online platform is the world’s largest search engine for art, design and collectibles.

There are many reasons to buy vintage furniture, but there is actually only one place that brings together the best sellers. Barnebys is the world’s leading search service for art, design, antiques and collectibles – and the only one that aggregates products from auction houses and dealers from Cape Town to Reykjavik.

For almost 10 years, the company has helped and inspired collectors from Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Milan and London find their dream objects or discover new designers.

On Barnebys’ price bank, users can find final prices from 90 million auction items, which provides an idea of what is reasonable to pay for a particular item and how often it appears on the market. Soon, users will become familiar with the design canon of the 20th century so they can decide whether a plastic dining chair from the couple Eames works with the Finnish designer Alvar Aalto’s beautiful birch furniture.

You can also read Barnebys Magazine, the world’s leading design magazine online for articles about upcoming auctions, the history of famous artists and designers and interviews with major art professionals. Barnebys keeps readers in the know about noteworthy sales, trends in the art world and art and design inspiration.

Via Barnebys you access Value My Stuff where you can easily get your items appraised, which is very helpful when you are thinking of selling something to finance your next exciting purchase or if you just want to know more about your inherited antiques.

But why should you buy vintage furniture?


Save money

An obvious reason is that you can save large sums on shopping for vintage furniture. For a budget of $500 to $1,000, you can get a couch in good condition, which both looks attractive and was designed by meticulous and skilled craftsmen. Compare high quality sofas here with new wear-and-tear variants that you are guaranteed to throw away in a few years.



The world’s environmental problems are real and unless everyone takes responsibility, the earth will be difficult to live on, especially for those who are young today. An effective way to avoid environmental impact is to buy vintage furniture to reduce the carbon footprint.


The design

Of course, buying iconic furniture for less is a win. But it is also a good investment- these objects have long been selected and praised. Danish design sounds better than made in China, right?


A sofa that was created 50 years ago is guaranteed to be more unusual than the mass products found in low-price chain stores today. If you want to be unique, vintage is your best bet.

It’s about you:

When you least expect it, objects that serve as reminders of your past will come up. Maybe you will find a vase that your grandmother always had geraniums in or the sofa you had in your first home. By looking through Barnebys, we promise you will find objects that you have a personal connection to, even if you haven’t thought about them for the past 20 years.

Instant Love:

A big part of shopping vintage is to follow one’s gut feeling. Scroll through all the objects available on Barnebys and we promise that magic will occur. When you least expect it, inspiration will strike. Something you just have to have is just a click away.

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