Falcon House situated on the beach designed by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

The project developed from commencement as a close consideration between architect, engineer and builder. This initially began as a cost driven approach to place all three parties together. Decisions were made on a basis that enabled immediate cost assessment, surprising dialogue influenced design but ultimately resulted in design outcomes closer to those of the 50’s and 60’s houses. We were happy with this synergy.

Cost was continually balanced with effect (and impact). The house is elevated, this cost more but lifts one above the dunes providing ocean views whilst simultaneously minimising destruction to the site.

Ongoing maintenance was also a major consideration, this environment is potentially destructive, building elements, material selection and detailing combine to provide long term solutions to reduce maintenance.

Falcon House in an old weekender suburb transformed over time by the inevitable suburban sprawl. Now devoid of the modest, low cost holiday homes new homes indulge in a tabula rasa approach removing any sense of native landscape and coastal form.

Our Falcon house hovers gently above the native landscape, touching the earth with modesty, respecting the natural topography and demonstrating an alternative form of dwelling that respects the evolution of this place.

The house design orientates north, the elevated floor is insulated concrete to provide thermal mass for winter heat gain reducing heating requirements and cost.

The plan is configured to create a large deck protected from the intense south west cooling winds. Natural ventilation opportunities are then maximized through all of the house.

Building elements are designed to protect from summer sun but also intense winter rain and wind. This also minimises ongoing maintenance cost and the associated embodied energy.

All materials were selected on a full lifecycle basis with reducing embodied energy being a major concern.Gardens are drought tolerant. Water consumption is minimized and power consumption reduced by natural lighting, low energy consumption fittings and balanced with photo voltaic cells.”

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