Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Appliances

Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Appliances


In the absence of functional appliances, everything we love about modern life would suddenly vanish. From convenient food storage to hassle-free laundry to home entertainment, working appliances are the lifeblood of most modern-day households. Given how large a role appliances play in our daily lives, new appliance purchases should not be taken lightly. Failure to do proper research or give sufficient thought to appliance purchases can lead to considerable inconvenience and massive buyer’s remorse. So, the next time a big-ticket appliance finds itself in need of replacement, take the following factors into account.

Home Warranty Prices

Any big-ticket appliance you purchase represents an investment. The more use you’re able to get out of an appliance, the bigger the ROI. While it’s possible to get many years of dependable service from various appliances, assuming that a new appliance will never encounter a problem is pure folly. The longer an appliance lasts, the greater the likelihood of errors and breakdowns. Furthermore, the longer you want an appliance to last, the greater the need for a solid home warranty.

A dependable home warranty will provide coverage for a wide range of essential appliances. This ensures that you won’t have to put a hole in your finances every time a big-ticket appliance goes on the fritz. Additionally, most home warranties are not prohibitively expensive, and the peace of mind a comprehensive home warranty offers is well worth the money you’ll spend. So, if far-reaching appliance coverage is what you’re after, there’s no time like the present to start perusing home warranty prices.

Energy Efficiency

As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, many households have opted to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to recycling and making efforts to avoid unnecessary waste, families have developed a heightened awareness for energy efficiency. Not only are appliances that consume too much power bad for the planet, they’re not great for your energy bills, either. If rising energy costs regularly leave dents in your finances, making the switch to energy-efficient appliances may be in your best interest.

The next time you find yourself in the market for new appliances, keep an eye out for energy-efficient models. While it’s true that they often come with higher price tags than standard appliances, they stand to save you a considerable sum in energy costs. As an added bonus, the more appliances you replace with energy-efficient alternatives, the more money you stand to save.


Since major appliances typically aren’t small investments, the desire to get the most for your money is perfectly understandable. Anyone who wants new appliances to last as long as possible would be wise to consider expected lifespan when making purchasing decisions. If you’re unclear on an appliance’s expected lifespan, consult the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer service department. Additionally, keep in mind that proper care will need to be taken in order to ensure that an appliance reaches said lifespan.

Manufacturer Warranties

Most new appliances are covered by limited-time manufacturer warranties. The exact time-frames associated with these warranties and the types of problems they cover vary from company to company. Many of them cover appliances for periods of three to six months after the purchase date and apply exclusively to problems that are the fault of the manufacturer. This means that if a problem arises as a result of an error on your end, repairs are unlikely to be covered under your warranty.

That being said, a good manufacturer warranty can be a boon to anyone who encounters problems with a fairly new appliance. So, when shopping around for new appliances, make sure to get the details on any manufacturer warranties before committing to a purchase. This shouldn’t necessarily be the determinant factor in a purchasing decision, but a company being willing to stand by its products is generally a good sign.

Appliances play an invaluable role in the running of any household. From laundry to meal prep to cleaning up, dependable appliances make our lives easier in a variety of areas. However, not all home appliances are created equal. While some will provide you with many years of dependable use, others will cost you a small fortune in repair costs and/or break down prematurely. That being the case, doing proper research and making informed purchasing decisions should be a priority for every homeowner in the market for new appliances.

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