Contemporary Villa Ensemble near Zurich by AFGH

Contemporary Villa Ensemble near Zurich by AFGH

Architects: AFGH
Location: Küsnacht, Zurich, Switzerland
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Valentin Jeck

Urban Planning The urban-arranging circumstance was chosen to the point that a liberal private open space was characterized by the arrangement of a back to the building confronting the light grade of the slant and the neighboring house toward the East. The situating of the volumes of the private structures over the ground level depends on an investigation of the most ideal visual tomahawks and vantage focuses, making note of the idea particular twofold sided introduction of the houses.


The prudent polygonal volumes of the two structures are the aftereffect of thoughts of visual security and vantage focuses, and with their inclined rooftops they constitute a solitary element. The curved and raised breaks go into a dialog with the outside space, creating unmistakably characterized and incorporated spaces to unwind.


A sculptural quality is created, loaning the structures pliancy and a specific gentility. The structure and the outflow of the structures accordingly expect to satisfy both relevant and formal angles.


The plan of the exteriors takes after the same standards. The idea included is not one of houses with rooftops, but instead of building shapes in which the surfaces of the rooftops speak to a “fifth” veneer.


The commission comprised of supplanting the current twofold single-family houses with two single-family houses associated with each other by means of an underground wellbeing range. Both houses are come to by a trail through the patio nursery that associates the two outside levels to each other.


A “promenade architecturale” leads from the mutual underground carport on underneath sky facing windows to each of the vertical flow centers of the houses. The passageway ranges in each of the ground floors unite the inward and outer access courses. The polygonal type of the floor arrangement empowers a separated spatial circulation. This implies the living territories are masterminded around the orthogonally composed course centers.


The rooms between these orthogonal structures and the collapsed movement of the exterior shape a spatial continuum that stretches out onwards to the upper stories.


The twofold story lounges shape the fundamental spatial centers of the houses. Alternate rooms grow outwards from them around the dissemination centers, which are upgraded by an open chimney.


The expert regions masterminded at both rooftop levels incorporate a stroll in closet, a vast restroom and direct access to the rooftop porch. The outside spaces are set in the system, mounting the perspectives – toward the West of the site to the forested areas, and toward the South out over Lake Zurich.


The two houses vary as far as the differentiating arrangements and circumstances of the volumes.


A further underground association with the two volumes leads through the wellbeing territory. The center zone extends parallel to the swimming pool and contains a changing area, washroom/WC, a steam shower and a sauna. The entrance region around the 15-meter-long pool gives space to deckchairs and weight and wellness machines. A vital component in the underground wellbeing range is the entrance to the greenhouse region, giving the space a sudden extensiveness.


Development/Materialization Both structures ascend from the common underground carports and the health level. The strong solid development underneath ground level offers path to a heap bearing structure of fortified solid, which is filled in with wooden components and windows.


The cinder wood components stand out from the smooth external solid surface. The structure of the exterior takes after a metabolic methodology whereby the wooden and window components can be supplanted as wished with coating. Most of within dividers are executed in white mortar, whilst the vertical dissemination center and the chimneys uncover the uncovered cement.


From the outside the individual building shapes seem like rocks, though the insides are overwhelmed by high caliber, refined materials. In general the point was to make a spatial air described by normal materials that transmit solace and comfort, yet without previous an advanced, contemporary compositional appearance.

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