Contemporary two-storey D House located in Sydney by Marston Architects

Contemporary two-storey D House located in Sydney by Marston Architects

Architects: Marston Architects
Location: Sydney, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Katherine Lu

“Set within a heritage conservation area, the original semi has been kept in-tact with its roof line restored. A ‘breezeway’ transition space connects the original house and its new split level contemporary addition, allowing light to filter in to what was otherwise a typical, dark and gloomy south facing house.


Connecting the new living space to the rear garden allows a seamless transition from inside to out. A new bedroom suite occupies the upper level of the addition which focuses on balancing light and views with privacy in the dense, urban surrounds.


A skylight adjacent to the northern party wall brings sunlight into the lower level addition, whilst north facing highlight windows bring light into the upstairs bedrooms without compromising the privacy of a bedroom in a dense, urban environment. The new party wall uses the bricks from the previous extension so as waste during construction was minimised.”

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