Contemporary loft by AYA Living Group

Contemporary loft by AYA Living Group

Architects: AYA Living Group
Location: Taiwan
Year: 2014
Area: 1,690 sqft / 157 sqm
Photo courtesy: AYA Living Group

This Kaohsiung condo is a weekend home that permits its proprietor to enliven loved ones from external urban areas while keeping up agreeable private space.


The house wrap stresses nature, because of its closeness to one of the city larges park. Hues and Materials in the inside are embroidered works of art of, wood, crude metal board, hand created solid paint, and wooden floors.


The living, feasting/kitchen are assembled to make a focal social affair space. Custom eating table is intended to be raised to bar-table stature to flawlessly incorporate with the Kitchen Island, suiting its motivation of a social affair space.


Carefully assembled solid divider reflects shading and light all through the living spaces in the house, even around evening time with manufactured shading the space makes an agreeable move in the middle of day and night.


The vast 3 board metal sliding entryway isolates the open living space from little lobby which ends with 3 comfortable private retreat rooms, each was uniquely explained with diverse style solid scenery to at the end of the day reflect light and give the space its own character.

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