Clevedon home by Herbst Architects

Clevedon home by Herbst Architects

Architects: Herbst Architects
Location: Clevedon, Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Lance Herbst

The undertaking involves 2 new structures. The siting of these structures is close by a current extensive H formed house. The H molded house sits on a leveled slope top which structures a portion of an expansive domain.


The system was separated into two, a recreational segment including a swimming pool, pool structure and tennis court and an utilitarian segment to house a carport, store rooms and office.


Connection: the current house has a conventional expression, stone clad with a hipped creased iron rooftop. The house sits focal on the leveled slope top encompassed by yard and garage. Idea: make a dynamic relationship between the old and new and to give a building edge to the slope top and in doing as such make positive shielded spaces between the new and old.


The dialog in the middle of old and new is set up by differentiating the structure and fabric of the new structures with the current house. The new structures are level roofed structures, sheathed in a taught filigree timber skin consequently framing a counterpoint to the gigantic crenulated main part of the current stone clad building.


Two secured walkways give light associations between the carport structure and house. Perspectives past are surrounded and pixelated by the timber screen giving a differentiation to the far reaching perspectives from the current house.


To uplift the feeling of delicacy of the timber skin of the carport structure it is sandwiched between a con­crete floor and rooftop section. Steel posts stick the sections separated.


A dialect of steel auxiliary components in both structures helps with accomplishing the fancied ethereal nature of the new construction modeling. Gabion dividers are utilized as a finishing component to characterize, portray and undersling the new structures.

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