Chiswick Residence by Arki[vis]

Chiswick Residence by Arki[vis]

Architects: Arki[vis]
Location: Chiswick, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2013
Area: 1315 sqm
Photos: Karl Beath

This contemporary double living arrangement is set in a beautiful Sydney suburb with all encompassing perspectives along the Parramatta River, minutes from the downtown area. The first idea advanced through its geological connections. The site had been uncovered by a past landowner before the new proprietors took ownership of the site.

chiswick-residence-arkivis_3_-_copyThis exhibited a chance to make a building which settled into the man-made and common shapes of the site, to minimize further exhuming and site aggravation.


The outline justification rotates around extensive drifting planes, emphasizing the nautical borders of the undertaking and giving solace, pleasantry and extravagance. The coated segments of the building are to a great extent shaded for summer solace whilst the slight rooftop and canopy edges permit bounteous winter sun infiltration, utilizing the warm masses of the building to attract warmth.


The strong components of the building astutely break separated as you discover your way to the living arrangement’s back, with marvelous perspectives down the stream. The arrangement was deliberately intended to permit a perspective from every single room, living, uproar and study territories. The encircled waterway perspectives get the water’s quietness and permit a consistent association with the common components of the site encompasses.

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