Chen by Ganna Design

Chen by Ganna Design

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Siew Shien Sam/MWphotoinc

Designers use black paint and floppy wallpaper to create a main wall in the living room. The main wall itself is also a cabinet in which placed the TV.


That is, this main wall can satisfy basic storage function and can fix the visual points at the same time. Wide main wall is conducive to broaden the sense of space and strengthen the sense of design. Another visual point is the frame-like view created by the wood door.


Regarding to color adoption, green is used to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and different layers of green present areas with different functions and concepts such as elegance and growth.


There is not too much decoration in this case, but a complete interpretation of the dignified and understated gloss texture.

Chen-04 Chen-05 Chen-06 Chen-07 Chen-08 Chen-09 Chen-10 Chen-11 Chen-12 Chen-13 Chen-14 Chen-15 Chen-16

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