Offset House by Shieh Arquitetos Associados

Offset House by Shieh Arquitetos Associados

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2012
Area: 5,381 sqft
Photo courtesy: Fernando Stankuns

The house is a direct result of the site’s complicated geometry. In plan, perimetral lines are given by the highest possible occupation of the property, discounting setbacks (restrained either by municipal legislation, or by the neighborhood regulation). Thus the nickname Offset House: a house that is the reflection of the sides of the lot.

offset-house-01 offset-house-02 offset-house-03 offset-house-04 offset-house-05 offset-house-06 offset-house-07 offset-house-08 offset-house-09 offset-house-10 offset-house-11 offset-house-12 offset-house-13 offset-house-14 offset-house-15 offset-house-16 offset-house-17 offset-house-18 offset-house-19 offset-house-20 offset-house-21 offset-house-22


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