Casa Premium Rama 2 by PODesign

Casa Premium Rama 2 by PODesign

Architects: PODesign
Location: Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 5,059 sqft / 470 sqm
Photo courtesy: Spaceshift Studio

Casa Premium Rama2 is situated on Kanchanapisek Road. A site is fit as a fiddle. By utilizing single plane wrapping around primary space, we makes V-shape arrange for that connect with spaces to the site. Building parameter is augmented to fit capacities and visual.


Angular shape’s lower wing gets to be welcome entryway and porch for swimming pool deck. Upper wing is slanted up to wellness room that can take perspective swimming pool beneath.


Water fall slanting plane from anteroom bit by bit changes to focus swimming pool. Every wing of building throws shadow for pool territory all through the day.Entrance entryway goes about as a dynamic edge driving one into the task in basic motion.

Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-03 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-04 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-05 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-06 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-07 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-08 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-09 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-10 Casa-Premium-Rama-2-by-PODesign-11

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