Casa MC Golf Club by VismaraCorsi Arquitectos

Casa MC Golf Club by VismaraCorsi Arquitectos

Architects: VismaraCorsi Arquitectos
Location: Rosario, Argentina
Area: 3,283 sqft
Photo courtesy: VismaraCorsi Arquitectos

MC House is located in a trapezoidal plot facing south. One party wall is next to an empty plot, and the other is next to an existing building. Behind it is the golf course. The project is located in the golf country club of the city of Rosario, 1 km (3.280 feet) away from national highway No 9, on the border with the city of Funes. This is an area of large residential subdivisions with low buildings and lush vegetation.


The characteristic of the lots in this area is that their backyards are connected to a common green, they also share an entrance with the Rosario golf club. The design took into account certain constraints, which defined the location and durability of the house. These were: the orientation and the predominance of winds, the morphology of the terrain, the percentage of land that could be occupied, and the program.


These circumstances defined the siting of the house. The south-facing facade of the plot was designed with a closed, opaque sector as private as possible, also protected from winds and heavy rains. By contrast, the back facade of the house facing north was opened to the maximum, taking advantage of the afternoon light and view of the golf course. The irregular shape of the plot made it necessary to devise ways to exploit its advantage. This led to the decision of breaking the walls to accompany the morphology of the terrain, and to generate different views along its circulation. It is noteworthy that the project is the family residence of the architect, plus there were no defined budget constraints, freedoms that were taken advantage of.


The house was designed for a young couple, consisting of an architect, an agronomist and a 2 year old daughter. The core idea of the design was to create a large central space, with double height, serving as the heart of the house. To this end we chose a skylight around which all environments on both levels were articulated and accommodated. Downstairs are the work and everyday family programs. The workspace is represented by a shared studio for both homeowners, with access from the street. The service area (laundry) is located strategically, with access from the street as well as from the interior of the house.


The house was designed for the residents to enjoy domestic activities, shared with friends and family, for which flexible and integrated spaces that interact with each other are designed, where daily activities occur in a unified manner. This results in a large living room – kitchen that functions as a whole related to the park through glass walls.


The interior courtyards generate transitional spaces between the outside and inside. From inside, different perspectives of the golf course extend views to a hypothetically infinite orientation. The breaks in the walls reinforce this intention. This is repeated on the second floor, that features a master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom en suite, with glazed walls overlooking the park. The daughter’s bedroom, with access to a terrace, is intended to be divided into two rooms in the future, if the family expands.


The morphology of the house, designed as a large white volume, is pierced when the need arises, it is framed in the landscape. To achieve this, we chose fine materials such as common brick and clad concrete. White is the option chosen to contrast with the landscaped space and give the feeling of spaciousness and light. Wood was the choice for flooring, wall cladding, closets and finishes, with the purpose of giving warmth to the white spaces.


The aim was to achieve a clean morphology, without columns, or only the necessary to achieve clear views. Therefore it was necessary to define the structure simultaneously with the aesthetic of the house, an issue that was designed from the very beginning of the project. Summarizing, one could say that the guiding principles of this project were integration, flexibility and dynamism.

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