Bright interior design of Gransden Avenue Residence in London, designed by Scenario Architecture

Bright interior design of Gransden Avenue Residence in London, designed by Scenario Architecture

Architects: Scenario Architecture
Location: London, England
Year: 2014
Area: 2,766 ft²/ 257 m²
Photo courtesy: Matt Clayton

We were drawn closer by our customers, a youthful group of 3 to overhaul their home. The property had gotten already been allowed arranging consent, in any case, the inside design did not suit the customers’ needs. The site was trying as it is a piece of a patio that opens out to a hard finished inside group space/auto park.


The key components of our brief were to use sunshine however much as could reasonably be expected, to permit the family to associate in an open space whilst keeping up a warm and drawing in environment and to have a green space that can be seen from the living territories.


Through examining the site and the everyday propensities for the customers we added to an outline that satisfies their necessities. By bringing down and coating a segment of the rooftop patio, we could make a rooftop top garden that can be appreciated from the kitchen and living territories. We likewise gave a focal center to the house that gives light a chance to penetrate down to the primary floor whilst at the same time making a constant move during that time floor.

bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-03 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-04 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-05 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-06 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-07 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-08 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-09 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-10 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-11 bright-interior-design-of-gransden-avenue-residence-in-london-designed-by-scenario-architecture-12

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