Balcony Over Bronte by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Balcony Over Bronte by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Location: Bronte, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Photo courtesy: Justin Alexander

Black is back in the latest house to be completed by Luigi Rosselli Architects. This new house, built for a young family on a battle axe block overlooking Bronte, acts as a big balcony built to browse the beach.


The cooperative effort of project architect Corrado Palleschi, interior designer Alexandra Donohoe and the client has seen a graphic palette of black and white tones carried to great effect throughout the house.


Nowhere is the result of this bold application seen more clearly than in the main stairwell where the dark timber treads and handrail seem to float in light.

Balcony-Over-Bronte-03-1 Balcony-Over-Bronte-03 Balcony-Over-Bronte-04 Balcony-Over-Bronte-05 Balcony-Over-Bronte-06 Balcony-Over-Bronte-07 Balcony-Over-Bronte-08 Balcony-Over-Bronte-09-1 Balcony-Over-Bronte-09 Balcony-Over-Bronte-11 Balcony-Over-Bronte-12 Balcony-Over-Bronte-20 Balcony-Over-Bronte-21 Balcony-Over-Bronte-22 Balcony-Over-Bronte-23

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