Armani Hotel Dubai by Wilson Associates

Armani Hotel Dubai by Wilson Associates

Location: Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo courtesy: Uniqhotels

The “Armani approach” is a signature lifestyle concept that surpasses simple design aesthetics. This unique collaboration between Wilson Associates and Giorgio Armani was the first property to realize Mr. Armanis vision of opulent minimalism. Located in the Burj Khalifa tower, each space religiously adheres to the Armani aesthetic and presents a unique hospitality concept.

© Wilson Associates

Armani-Hotel-Dubai-01 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-02 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-03 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-04 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-05 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-06 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-07 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-08 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-09 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-10 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-11 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-12 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-13 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-14 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-15 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-16 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-17 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-18 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-19 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-20 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-21 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-22 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-23 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-24 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-25 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-26 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-27 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-28 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-29 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-30 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-31 Armani-Hotel-Dubai-32

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