Elegant Office of Circle Line Interiors by Circle Line Interiors

Elegant Office of Circle Line Interiors by Circle Line Interiors

Architects: Circle Line Interiors
Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 431 sqft / 140 sqm
Photo courtesy: Circle Line Interiors

This is an office of our organization – Circle Line Interiors. We’re an inside configuration studio arranged in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The general size of the space is 140 m2 (430.5 ft2).


The space must be painstakingly arranged. It has truly an irregular structure: tall roof (4,5 meters [15 feet]) and high position of windows (they begin from purpose of 2,1 meters [7 feet]). So we needed to think outside about the crate when we arranged the space. The arrangement that we’ve thought of was to make a stage like development with one collective table that comes the line of windows. Thusly every one of our modelers and creators could confront regular light.


We chose to make open space with loads of distinctive zones where our associates could move when they require the change of landscape for motivation. For instance, we have couch territory on both sides of stairs that prompts the principle parlor zone with green easy chairs. Along these lines we’re moving and imparting constantly. In the meantime we have a different range devoted to gatherings with customers and suppliers. It can likewise be utilized when somebody needs a minute of isolation.


For the individuals who have issue with back we’ve made portable tabletops on the lower ground. On account of the stature of the roof we could toy with the concept of coordinating rooms inside of rooms. For instance, our kitchen is arranged in a glasshouse and the parlor range is put under pergola. Parlor zone is encompassed by huge grower with verdant plants which makes sentiment being in the patio nursery.


Glasshouse is made of metal development with mix of diverse glass sorts: organized and clear. On account of the reasonable glass we consistently have extra light from the windows and on account of the organized squares individual inside doesn’t feel uncovered.


We work with enormous measure of diverse examples and we require a considerable measure of capacity, so all off the space under the stage is being utilized for this.


One of the brightest (actually) ranges in our office is the lobby that prompts the lavatory. At first this was exceptionally dull, dim and limit passageway. To make it look more extensive we secured both dividers with troubled mirrors, brought down the roof, painted it dark and filled it with lights. Presently it’s just about a craftsmanship establishment.

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