7 Reasons More Home Builders Are Choosing Fiber Cement Siding

7 Reasons More Home Builders Are Choosing Fiber Cement Siding

More home builders are searching for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly. One of the most durable and environmentally safe materials to finish your home is fiber cement siding. For over 40 years, fiber cement siding has grown in popularity with homeowners and building contractors due to its various benefits. It is a composite material constructed with a combination of wood pulp, Portland cement, water, and fly ash. Once set, this material becomes incredibly strong yet maintains its flexibility.

Home builders can order their siding with various textures, colors, and styles, or finishes can be added after installation. For those looking for a wood siding finish, fiber cement is the closest imitation. While many builders may wonder what is fiber cement siding, more people are discovering this low-maintenance material for their homes. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the impressive benefits.

1. Eco-Friendly

In addition to using less wood and plastic, fiber cement construction is often a popular choice for earth-conscious home builders. Its durability also means that your home will require fewer materials throughout its lifespan.

2. Fire Rating

A fiber cement building material earns a fire rating of Class 1A, the highest rating available. A fire in or near your home won’t be actively fueled by fiber cement, as it’s not considered combustible. For homeowners that live in areas that are prone to frequent wildfires, you may be able to get lower insurance ratings when you use fiber cement siding. 

3. Longevity

A warranty can last up to 50 years, but the siding lasts even longer than that because of the quality of the fiber cement. It is likely that after about 10 years, the siding’s paint and finishing will need to be updated. However, the structure of this type of durable siding will stand up against time. 

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4. Hurricane Proof

Vinyl siding has a significant weakness against hurricane-strength winds, one of the most important things to consider before buying it. Fiber cement products have proven to stand up to 130 mph winds. Homeowners in areas that experience the threat of hurricanes or tornadoes should consider adding fiber cement siding to protect their homes. Of course, this is not a DIY project, so make sure to work with a reputable siding contractor.

5. Wood Alternative

For those looking to replace wood paneling with fiber cement but concerned about its high maintenance costs, fiber cement is a great alternative. Also, for homes in areas that experience wildfires, with a wood finish is a great alternative that gives you the rustic look of natural wood without the fire risk. 

6. Low Maintenance

It’s not surprising that this attractive look and impressive strength are also low maintenance. While it can damage fiber cement siding, it will protect your home from extreme weather, pest infestation, and dry rot better than other materials. 

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7. Easy to Install

While fiber cement is easy to install, shape, and finish, a professional should do the job. Even if you have a lot of DIY experience, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to work with fiber cement alone. Getting that tailored look may also require less time and money than brick or stone, thus allowing you to save money. 

A bit more expensive to install at first, fiber cement siding is a long-term investment that requires little maintenance. Talk to your contractor about your options to add customized fiber cement siding to your home.

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