House of Four Houses by PROD Architecture & Design

House of Four Houses by PROD Architecture & Design

Location: Penafiel, Portugal
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: João Morgado

This holiday house for a family of four is located in the north of Portugal. It’s shape is defined by the same number of individual volumes. They have similar dimensions but distinct orientations.


Three of the volumes are orthogonally organized around a core, whilst a fourth rotates to match the direction of an existing neighbouring building. The proximity between the two constructions led to a desired dialogue.

House-of-Four-Houses-02 House-of-Four-Houses-03 House-of-Four-Houses-04 House-of-Four-Houses-05 House-of-Four-Houses-06 House-of-Four-Houses-07 House-of-Four-Houses-08 House-of-Four-Houses-09 House-of-Four-Houses-10 House-of-Four-Houses-11 House-of-Four-Houses-12 House-of-Four-Houses-13 House-of-Four-Houses-14 House-of-Four-Houses-15 House-of-Four-Houses-16 House-of-Four-Houses-17 House-of-Four-Houses-18 House-of-Four-Houses-19 House-of-Four-Houses-20 House-of-Four-Houses-21 House-of-Four-Houses-22 House-of-Four-Houses-23 House-of-Four-Houses-24 House-of-Four-Houses-25 House-of-Four-Houses-26 House-of-Four-Houses-27 House-of-Four-Houses-28 House-of-Four-Houses-29 House-of-Four-Houses-30 House-of-Four-Houses-31 House-of-Four-Houses-32 House-of-Four-Houses-33 House-of-Four-Houses-34 House-of-Four-Houses-35 House-of-Four-Houses-36 House-of-Four-Houses-37 House-of-Four-Houses-38 House-of-Four-Houses-39 House-of-Four-Houses-40

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