7 Namly Hill small semi-detached house in Singapore by ipli architects

7 Namly Hill small semi-detached house in Singapore by ipli architects

Architects: ipli architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2015
Area: 5,307 sqft / 493 sqm
Photo courtesy: Jaume Albert Marti

The venture is a little semi-disengaged place of area zone 323 sqm and a developed territory of 493 sqm. It is comprised of 2 layers, an external layer and an internal layer; a house inside of a house.


The bilayer engineering intercession expects to satisfy this 3 key focuses:

1. The external layer shielding the inward layer from the sun and the downpour with a transitional airspace in the middle. This makes a tropical house without using profound rooftop shades to ensure the internal livable spaces.


2. Enhancement of security in the middle of house and the neighboring houses (as they have a tendency to be extremely close in Singapore). This is finished by having the elevational openings of both layers having their own particular uniqueness and character with the goal that they don’t line up so that there is never a simple direct view into the internal house all things considered.


3. An all the more intriguing entry and development made inside and all through the house with the winding staircase and the numerous tight, at times wide, twofold and triple volume spaces.

7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-04 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-05 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-06 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-07 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-08 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-09 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-10 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-11 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-12 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-13


7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-14 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-15 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-16 7-Namly-Hill-small-semi-detached-house-in-Singapore-by-ipli-architects-17

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