5 Tips for Staging Your Way to a Quick Sale

Selling in a Snap: 5 Tips for Staging Your Way to a Quick Sale


Is your latest renovation project sitting idle on the housing market? If so, it may be time to pop some chocolate chip cookies in the oven, invest in a few high-quality throw pillows, and inject some life into your space with some greenery. When you stage a home, you are primping it to look its best, enticing prospective buyers to move in. There are few steps and in this article you’ll find 5 tips for staging your way to a quick sale; keep reading!

While arranging an entire home may seem daunting at first, it’s a top way to sell faster and for a higher price. Successful staging projects enhance the home’s features, like hardwood floors, high ceilings, or new appliances, by drawing the eye to sellable fixtures.

A fresh coat of paint, light fragrant candles, and decluttered shelves can go a long way. Plus, staging a home can be quick, easy, and, most of all, lucrative when done correctly. With a beautiful, organized space, the house shines both face-to-face and online.


Remember your first staging is online

As society shifts deeper into the digital age, property buyers are far more likely to look at a home online before committing to an in-person viewing. Luckily, real estate professionals can create a 3D virtual tour of the space with innovative photo technology. By making a property look warm, welcoming, and liveable through a lens, you’ll capture the attention of clients without in-person restrictions. A detailed, gorgeous 3D tour for real estate will only boost the views of your latest property while uplifting your online reputation.

Add luxury

When a prospective buyer views your property for the first time, they should see the space as an improvement upon their current situation. After all, the goal of staging is to present the possibilities of a new future to your clients. If you are looking to sell a home quickly, an extra dose of luxury never hurts. By integrating quick embellishments like leather goods, fresh paint, and soft, high-quality linens, your space can go from drab to must-have in an instant.

Lose the clutter

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a clean house. A lack of clutter truly feels like a breath of fresh air, which is what you want your staged home to emulate. Buyers want to envision the space without distractions, like crowded closets, cluttered bookshelves, and littered countertops.

Alongside routine cleaning and maintenance, it’s wise to move clutter out of the home altogether. Whether you transfer the mess to a storage unit or organized bins in the basement, removing chaos encourages the buyer to see the space as their own.

Give every room a purpose

Clients should be able to envision their lives in your home during the showing. By giving every room a purpose, you help buyers visualize the space through a new lens. Whether large or small, it can be tricky to identify a room’s purpose upon the first home tour. Creating a clear intention for each area makes the property appear low-stress and high-reward. From an elegant, formal dining room to an epic playroom for the kids, giving each room a job spurs inspiration for the great life your client will live in the house.

Don’t forget about curb appeal

As you pour your heart and soul into the interior of a home, dressing it to the nines for your virtual or in-person open house, it can be easy to forget the exterior. Making a great first impression is essential, so spend ample time perfecting the outside of your newest project.

Simple fixes like a new mailbox, fresh paint on the front door, and curated flower pots leave your clients wanting more. Curb appeal raises the buyer’s perceived value of the home, leading to increased foot traffic and competitive offers.

Parting thoughts

Although it may seem trivial, staging your home during the selling process may be the difference between a sub-par deal and a flood of offers skyrocketing the value. Take the time to buff out scratches, declutter surfaces, and scrub down every inch of your home to ensure you secure a high-ball price.

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