3 Design-Led Kitchen Themes To Inspire

3 Design-Led Kitchen Themes To Inspire Your Next Remodelling Project

Approximately 83 percent of homeowners who renovated their kitchens have said that their remodels have had a positive effect on their home’s resale value, according to Lake Area Mortgage. Such an outcome is owed to design choices that are appealing both to yourself and others. So, if you are at a loss for design-led kitchen themes, see if these trendsetting style themes can give you some inspiration.

No-Nonsense Color Schemes And Improved Visual Flow

2021 is seeing a renewed focus on creating stress-free spaces. This has naturally extended to kitchens. Homeowners who prefer to do their own cooking have a vested interest in making the cooking process as stress-free as possible. Streamlined design trends have taken off to facilitate this. Design-wise, this involves minimalist color schemes and improved visual flow. A good example of a minimalist color scheme is alternating light and dark hues. With this, you can match the upper cabinets with the drawers, the pantry shelves with the counter, and so on.
Improving visual flow is usually done by incorporating shapes and textures that look good in repetition and mesh well with the overall layout of the kitchen. It is also a common practice within this trend to remove upper cabinets and reorganize appliances and furniture to be more symmetrical. Symmetrical schemes and open layouts can give the room an orderly, almost mesmerizing feel. Such plans often involve a focal point to anchor the entire appearance, such as a kitchen island.

Swiss Army Islands

Kitchen islands were once just an extra addition for those who had some money left over from remodeling or building their home. Now, it has cemented itself as a pivotal component of the modern kitchen. The increased responsibility the humble kitchen island now carries has given rise to the trend of the multipurpose island. Inspired by the islands used by celebrity chefs, the multipurpose island is custom-built to the gastronomic preferences of those who use it. Aside from a sink and cooking range, it can house food processors, deep fryers, and other small appliances that would otherwise be taking up space on countertops or in storage.
The main goal is to keep all of the important ingredients and appliances in one place, to minimize running around the kitchen so much. This is especially useful for kitchens that have opted to minimize their use of wall space. With such a versatile cooking station, all you need to start cooking is a trusty and reliable fridge. With a multipurpose island, all of your essentials are at arm’s reach.

Vibrant Backsplashes And Trimmings

This design scheme is described by some as maximalist. As one would expect, it is the complete opposite of muted colors and orderly visual structure. This design philosophy is governed by intricate backsplashes, bold colors and textures, and materials that pop and give the room an impression of affluence. For example, hardwood and rich ceramics do a good job of making floors look as exceptional as floors can be. For countertops, on the other hand, quartz is in vogue, as granite has been found to be more high-maintenance.
A kitchen design that focuses on vibrance is defined by loud visual features that make a statement. There is an art to making such visually impressive features look as pleasant and orderly as possible. Although remodeling for resale value is a good financial move, it is always best to remember that the person you should be pleasing the most is you. You are the one who is going to be living in this house, so design choices should serve you first and foremost.
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