10 Factors That Will Determine How Long It Will Take to Build Your House

10 Factors That Will Determine How Long It Will Take to Build Your House


It takes a long time to build a house. You should not rely on reality TV timelines to determine how long it takes to build a house. They are not realistic at all. It is not a one-week task. It takes a whole lot of planning and a whole lot of work. You need at least six months to fully complete the building of a house. If you’ve fully prepared and all things go as planned, you can even finish building your house in just four months. But if you’d experience delays and mishaps, it may take more than a year.

This article is perfect for you if you’re about to build your own house. It will give you supreme peace of mind and truly allow you to understand everything that goes on when it comes to building a house. It will give you a realistic point of view of the whole she-bang.


After reading this, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand different factors that greatly affect the time it takes to build a house.
  • Fully immerse yourself in essential dynamics that are involved in building a house.
  • Fully prepare yourself in such a way that you will have foresight on doing things that can help you speed up the building of your house.

To fully know how long it will take for you to build your house, you simply need to consider the following important factors:


  1. Land

The kind of land that you’re going to build on will highly affect the time it will take to build your dream home. This is because, before actual construction, the land of your choice needs to be:

  • Studied
  • Cleared of trees and debris
  • Stabilized for construction proper
  • Tested to check if it can carry the weight of your house.
  • Analyzed for slopes

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  1. Design

The more complicated your house design is, the longer it will take for it to be built.

If you want a house that can be completed in just six months, you should research the design of single storey homes in Perth. Such designs can be built in just six months because they are simple and ready for the actual build.


  1. Permits

You need to apply for numerous permits if you’re going to build your house. This is an aspect that usually stuns and delays homeowners because such is not common knowledge. It commonly causes unwanted delay because often, workers and supplies are already on standby but can’t start yet because no proper permits are at hand. To avoid delay, you should diligently prepare and organize all needed documents for the fast processing of paperwork.


  1. Variations

You’re very much free to change your mind when it comes to the overall concept and design of your house. But you must know that it causes massive delay. A simple decision to change the look of your cabinets can delay construction for 8 weeks. This is because everything needs to be ordered and constructed from scratch.


  1. Weather

This is a factor that is definitely out of your control. It doesn’t mean though that you can’t do something about it. To fully optimize your building time, you should consult with your builder. They’re experts in the industry and they know the list of ideal months of the year that are most conducive to continuous house construction.


  1. Building Strategy

You need to make sure that the builder of your choice has a solid project management policy. You can prepare all you want and still end up encountering delays if your builder is not organized and transparent. Your builder should have a robust strategy when it comes to building houses. If they exhibit poor project management habits from the start, consider it as a red flag and look for a different one.

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  1. Location

House construction involves the seemingly never-ending transport of materials and supplies and the coming and going of workers. All will be significantly faster if you live in the metro as all materials and supplies can be delivered in no time. It gets extra tricky when your house is to be built in a rural area as everything will take longer to be delivered.


  1. Your Builder

You should choose the best builder possible in building your dream house. Apart from a solid building strategy, your builder should be highly reliable and efficient in executing tasks across all endpoints. To ensure that you’d have the best builder, endeavor to check their portfolios and reach out to past clients.


  1. Supplies and Workers

It will be harder for you to look for supplies during the summer months. This is because houses are usually built around this time. You will also have a hard time looking for labourers and tradesmen as most are already booked during summer. Prevent delay by planning and ensuring the smooth flow of labour and supplies.

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  1. Finishings

You will be surprised at how long it will take for your builder to complete the finishing stage. Putting finishing touches is time-consuming and draining. Placing doors, windows, flooring, irrigation, and paint is not as simple as you think. Delay occurs when it comes to supplies and needed labor. To ensure that the finishing stage won’t take longer than two months, endeavor to order and complete your supplies ahead of time. Such a strategy will ensure that all simply needs to be applied come the finishing stage.


Plan Ahead

Consider all the ten important factors and make it a point to plan. You will be surprised at how much time (and money!) you’d be able to save if you’d efficiently plan and prepare everything that is within your control.

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