Zumthor Vacation Homes in Leis

Zumthor Vacation Homes in Leis

Location: Leis, Graubünden, Switzerland
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Ralph Feiner

In 2009 we built two timber houses, the Oberhus and the Unterhus, in the hamlet of Leis, just over 1,500 m (5000 ft) above sea level in the community of Vals in Grisons. From 1 December 2012 onward we are letting out the Unterhus for vacations.


A third timber house, the Türmlihus, will soon complete this little ensemble. The Türmlihus will welcome its first guests in autumn 2013.


We are very much looking forward to having guests in our timber vacation homes in Leis.

Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-03 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-04 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-05 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-06 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-07 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-08 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-09 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-10 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-11 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-12 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-13 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-14 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-15 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-16 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-17 Zumthor-Vacation-Homes-18

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