Villa built on a protected place with extraordinary mediterranean view

Villa built on a protected place with extraordinary mediterranean view

Architects: bonte et migozzi architectes
Location: Ensuès-la-Redonne, France
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: bonte et migozzi architectes

“Facing north south, with a triangular form, the land is of a small size (785m2), which is why the house plan is part of the administrative limits of the parcel’s removal. With its endemic plants – a vast majority of pines and agaves – , its low walls made of stones and its extraordinary mediterranean view, this protected place doesn’t have sanitation or possibilities of access for the construction site. Inhabited by mediterranean culture and grecque mythology, Christophe Migozzi revisits the primitive atmosphere of the cottage by reinterpreting a contemporary version of “Ulysse’s vessel that surfs on a slope like a crab trawler.”

Piously respecting abrupt slopes and the very protected nature of this site, architects are looking to keep the land the way it is and are designing a house on stilts. In order to completely stay away from hurting the land in any way by intrusive construction, they are reducing the levelling work to they only stilts, indispensable to the elevation of the habitat without hurting the natural land. The cut down trees are replaced with new varieties (fig trees, eucalyptus trees, viburnum, opuntia, phormium…) so as to densify the land’s natural limits.

Considering the weak coefficient of the ground’s occupation, construction favors the SHOB (215m2) and not the SHON (107m2) with the help of exterior space – passageway, patio – which will prolong the built-in volume.

Whoever says “cottage” and “vessel”, says timber, material which possesses every required quality, from lightness to strength. The structure of the house is in laminated douglas wood whilst the cover is made of larch brackets vertically placed. Another way to reinvent the arbour and, with the help of the growing flora, to merge house and land together.

The house itself has two levels : on the garden level, a bathroom and two rooms ; on the ground level, a kitchen and a living room that ends outside. The interiors are covered by shinoki ash panels.”

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