Villa Biesvaren by BBVH Architecten

Villa Biesvaren by BBVH Architecten

Architects: BBVH Architecten
Location: Ypenburg, The Hague, The Netherlands
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Luuk Kramer

This current estate, outline by Rotterdam based construction modeling studio BBVH Architecten, is situated in another suburb of Den Haag and intended for the proprietor of a furniture organization. The dynamic construction modeling is described by it’s dim hues and huge cantilevering patios. Situated at the waterfront, the house is intended to appreciate the perspective of the environment.


The house is fabricated with a steel structure around a solid center, and loaded with lightweight prefab timber outside dividers. This permits the patios to cantilever 3 meters. Utilized materials are dark glass fiber strengthened solid boards in blend with an anthracite mortar. The roof under the cantilevering patios is done with a warm cocoa wooden cladding.


Differentiating the dim outside is a splendid white inside with open rooms. The ground floor has a present day open kitchen and a huge front room neglecting the water. Three kids’ rooms and a lavatory are situated on the first floor, with access to an extensive porch. The main room with lavatory and stroll in wardrobe is situated at the top floor, associated with a private patio to appreciate the night sun.

Villa-Biesvaren-03 Villa-Biesvaren-04 Villa-Biesvaren-05-1 Villa-Biesvaren-05 Villa-Biesvaren-06 Villa-Biesvaren-10 Villa-Biesvaren-11 Villa-Biesvaren-12 Villa-Biesvaren-13 Villa-Biesvaren-14 Villa-Biesvaren-15 Villa-Biesvaren-16 Villa-Biesvaren-19 Villa-Biesvaren-21 Villa-Biesvaren-22 Villa-Biesvaren-23 Villa-Biesvaren-24 Villa-Biesvaren-25 Villa-Biesvaren-26 Villa-Biesvaren-27

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