Trends in Modern Commercial Architecture

Trends in Modern Commercial Architecture


New trends keep popping up in the architecture industry every day because people want new buildings and structures. No one wants to keep looking at the same old thing because it gets stale. And many times, those old designs have significant structural issues that will cause additional problems.

You have to learn the several trends in modern commercial architecture to know how they can impact the construction industry. Several construction companies use different architectural trends now, while others still don’t have a clear view of whether they can adapt to it or not. 


  1. Inclusion of Exotic Shapes

One commercial modern architecture trend that some construction companies use is the use of exotic shapes. Usually, a simple commercial building has four corners, has two or more floor levels, and has either a flat or a sloped roof. However, several architects take various shapes and include them in their designing process. 

An excellent example of a commercial building that uses various shapes is the Cybertecture Egg Office Building in Mumbai, India. The architects designed the entire building to look like the shape of an egg, and there are no other commercial buildings in the world that have the same type of architectural design. 


  1. Utilizing Natural Lighting

Many commercial buildings worldwide look for ways to reduce their energy consumption, and one way they can achieve that is by using natural lighting. When you use natural light, your building consumes less electricity, which in turn reduces energy bills. You might think that it won’t make any significant impact, but that’s where you’re wrong. 

Even something as simple as turning off a light within a room the whole day can save you a few dollars in electricity bills, and every cent counts with commercial buildings. That’s where architects step in and place windows in the right places to let in natural light. They also use specific glass windows that can bring light into the room without the adverse effects of the UV rays. 


  1. Installing Modern Roofing Materials

Most of the time, commercial buildings use roofing materials like metal because it’s inexpensive and can do their job at protecting the interior from harsh weather elements. But because of modern technology and the innovation with architecture, contractors have other options besides metal in today’s age. 

One famous roofing that you will see in modern commercial buildings is Built-Up Roofing (BUR). It’s also known as tar and gravel roofing, and everyone labels it as the most appealing and eye-catching roofing. The BUR roofing is so exceptional that roofing technicians don’t need to go up and down on the service stair roof hatches to maintain it. Commercial building owners can save more when they use the BUR aside from the other roofing materials. 

The commercial modern architecture trends mentioned are only some of the many you will find in commercial buildings around you. If you plan to construct a new commercial building, do more research about the latest architecture trends to ensure you create a unique yet functional structure. 

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