The Glass House by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

The Glass House by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

Architects: Nico Van Der Meulen Architects
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Area: 2500 sqm
Photo courtesy: Barry Goldman, David Ross

The house is arranged on a 4000 sq.m site, with an aggregate floor territory of 2500sq.m. The proprietor asked for a present day, alluring, open arrangement, light-filled house with perspectives from all rooms into the garden.The shape on the south side is a half circle, framing a horseshoe on the north side. Drawing nearer the house shape the entryway the carport is hoisted to permit impressions through’ the house to the greenhouse and raised water highlight on the opposite side of the house.

The Glass House by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

The porte cochere is a suspended glass and stainless steel structure, with perspective into the house and a stainless steel and glass staircase, suspended over a warmed lake, (which in summer goes about as a temperature stabilizer, and in winter as a monster warmer) with a round, brought glass water highlight up in the foundation, confined by a bar two stories high. To the privilege is a little indented formal parlor, and to one side a timber-clad lift tower. The lounge area is raised a few stages over the family room. The window to the lounge area is a 6m high bended glass walled in area, where every sheet of glass hangs over more distant than the past sheet, with glass balances holding it in position.


The frameless glass collapsing entryways begins at the lounge area, and extends for almost 70m around the lounge area, family room, lanai, indoor pool and rec center. The family room is mostly twofold volume, streaming mlessly into the lanai and warmed indoor pool, with a bar, pizza broiler, gas and wood braai.


The kitchen begins the family room and lounge area, with a couple of programmed, frameless sandblasted entryways driving from the lounge area to the kitchen. A breakfast territory and den are neighboring the kitchen, permitting the more youthful children to be regulated from the kitchen and family room, and permitting direct access to the bar and grill zone from the kitchen.An chamber between the family room and the kitchen permits the family to ventilate and cool the house actually, without bargaining their security, while a roller screen entryway drops down consequently when the alert is initiated, cutting the top floor off starting from the earliest stage.


The dividers to the family room and bar is clad with marble strips, with glass decorates and LED strip lights.You can bounce from the primary room into the pool, swim to the rec center, swim back and utilize the steel winding staircase to backpedal to the fundamental room , or tip a delirious companion into the pool from his barstool! The lanai opens up absolutely to the outside pool with a deck, spilling into a kid’s sprinkle pool at the base.


A storm cellar under the house have stopping for around 12 autos, with a perspective into the pool, and a top-lit workmanship display which frames the entry between the carports and the lift.A highlight divider inverse the living ranges is clad in stone from Jerusalem, with a tree aloe developing before it. The stone originates from structures several years of age, being decimated in Israel to make space for improvement. The same stone is utilized as a part of the lounge area, streaming through’ the glass divider to the outside.


The study is a glass box at the highest point of the staircase, with a perspective over the pools at the base. A huge den is arranged alongside it, with a close home theater and kitchenette, prompting a substantial overhang with a shaded patio. The principle room on the opposite side of the corridor is come to by means of an exhibition gazing down into the lounge area and out to the greenery enclosure.


The fundamental suite has a little parlor and inherent kitchenette, with a drop-down screen and projector incorporated with the bulkhead.The principle washroom is a study in glass and straightforwardness: The North and east dividers are glass and slides open, regardless of the possibility that security is required, the entryways can be left transparent programmed blinds can be brought down, as yet permitting perspectives and ventilation, however looking translucent from outside.


An extensive overhang off the primary room is mostly secured, conceding break from the late spring sun, or permitting all fresco early morning espresso or late evening beverages, while a staircase to the rooftop permits sees over the encompassing suburb and towards Midrand.


The twofold volume glass walled in area over the pool can be opened from the overhang outside the kids’ rooms, permitting a cooling updraft over the pool.


From another gallery the entryway sitting above the twofold volume in the family room can be opened, again bringing about a cooling smokestack impact to the living regions.

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