The Carrillo Residence by Ehrlich Architects

The Carrillo Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Architects: Ehrlich Architects
Location: Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA
Photos: Barry Schwartz

The Carrillo Residence involves a long restricted site on the edge of Santa Monica Canyon with inaccessible perspectives of the Pacific Ocean. Intended for a youthful couple with two kids, the house addresses the formal and casual needs of the family while exploiting the Southern California atmosphere and perspectives.

The-Carrillo-Residence-00The introduction of the house fortifies the geometry of the site. A progression of stone masses characterize the ground floor program while a flawless gliding white box houses the room wings and slides over and past the stone to motion towards the ravine and the perspectives.


The glass parlor volume sits at the furthest end of the site adjoining the primary bar of the house and partitions the outside space into two particular courts. The casual front court gives an ensured sun-filled play yard for the kids nearby the family zone. The formal back court contains an open air eating territory, grill, and limitlessness edge pool and grows toward the perspective past.


The parlor and lounge area can be totally opened up to this court by a progression of larger than usual turn entryways. The huge breadths of glass of the front room outwardly associate the formal and casual spaces and consider the perspective to stretch out through to the gulch past. A custom wood roof and exceptionally recolored concrete all around underlines this feeling of visual progression.


Inside, the formal grown-up zone and casual family zones (and ace suite and kids’ rooms above) are isolated by the stair center and play range, and can be cut off from one another by pocket entryways. Assembled in cupboards are utilized all through the home to separate bigger spaces into littler zones. The play territory upstairs can later be changed over into a third room if necessary.


The cantilevering main room makes a secured outside eating region and floats out toward to the gully sees. The point of the rooftop over the room patio and the unendingness edge of the pool is parallel to the geometry of the site and the gorge underneath.

The-Carrillo-Residence-05 The-Carrillo-Residence-06 The-Carrillo-Residence-07 The-Carrillo-Residence-08 The-Carrillo-Residence-09

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