Simple and humble entrance while backyard areas are speechless

The secondary living area on the bottom level of the rear pavilion has a lofty grandeur which is offset by the use of warm interior finishes, details and substantial exterior screening elements. Looking back at the home from the garden the exterior form appears to have a small and carefully crafted scale, sitting comfortably in its landscape and among its neighbours despite the immensity of the interior experience.

Sustainability has not been taken lightly. 10 x 1.0 kw batteries are powered by 27 solar panels. In addition to the nowadays mandatory sustainability measures such as rainwater tank, high level insulation, low energy lighting etc the house has been, from its initial concept design, conceived to minimise energy use. The grouping of rooms around the courtyard plays an important role by providing significant exposure to natural light and air flow to all living rooms, minimising the need for use of air conditioning and artificial lighting. The provided cross ventilation will make the use of air-conditioning unnecessary for all but a few days in the year. The high-mass solid construction in conjunction with the ubiquitous planting contributes to a natural control of the micro-climate.

The green roof is not only pleasant to look onto but also efficiently insulates the roof while at the same time greatly increasing the landscaped area.

The glazing, indispensable in order to connect the house visually to its magnificent setting, has been restricted to the North and South facades and relies on the latest low-e and double glazing technology. The articulation of the facades optimises natural shading in summer while maximising solar gain in winter. Heating is provided by way of an energy efficient low-heat under floor gas hydronic system, providing gentle background heat throughout the living areas.”

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