Brise House in Rio de Janeiro by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Brise House in Rio de Janeiro by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Architects: Gisele Taranto Arquitetura
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year: 2013
Area: 13,411 ft²/ 1,246 m²
Photo courtesy: MCA Estudio

This task comprises in a redesign of a house situated in a respectable neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Set on an exuberant zone, the clamor control was one of the top difficulties, which at last, had extraordinary impact in the last look of the engineering itself.


The fundamental rules to fathom this inquiry was to turn the house to an inside yard, while versatile shades were incorporated to the principle exterior, filling in as commotion channels, however in the meantime giving common light access to the space. The yard, incorporated to the living territory, likewise lets regular light inside all rooms. The patio nurseries – that encompass the entire structure – let the green foliage outwardly associated with the inside region through glass boards that manufacture the veneer.


The house was initially created by two separate structures. Their reconciliation was likewise an imperative key purpose of this undertaking. Stand out fundamental square was made, with living zone on the ground floor, private territories on the second floor, all coordinated to the inside patio, where the swimming pool and a family room were found; and administration range on the storm cellar. There was likewise an immense worry in keeping the first elements of the house, similar to the stairs, for instance, that had its unique structure kept and was overhauled to contemporaneity through the materials and the new rail made of iron. Were additionally kept the Portuguese tiles from the lounge area.


With respect to the inside outline, the undertaking was conceived from the need of having wide living ranges associated with the relaxation region, so the customers could have gatherings and social occasions. Another solicitation from the customer was to give the most astounding measure of outer region with sun, minimizing the rate of shadows in the swimming pool.


Since it was a remodel, a few astonishments were found simultaneously, as unleveled chunks and low pillars. All together not to lose stature, we exploited the current shafts and new ones were made, highlighted by an extraordinary lighting plan, what made conceivable an agreeable reconciliation of the living spaces.


The materials utilized were constantly characterized having as a part of brain that engineering is not for seasons and that the rooms ought to be as lit up as could reasonably be expected. In this way, the travertine marble was decided for the living floor, swimming pool yard and toilets; wood for the private regions and pasinato floor for the outside territories. Inside e outside dividers are constantly white or lined with wooden boards. Shades are in fiberglass, windows in white aluminum, shelter and entryways in aluminum covered with corten steel paint; entryways and boards in freijó wood; and the swimming pool in Batu Hijau. All woodwork was outlined by the workplace.


Then again, the embellishment concentrated on quality and tastefulness, rather then patterns or styles. Simple tones, for example, white, dark and dark were favored above others and the majority of the furniture utilized are marked by Brazilian and Italian creators.

Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-07 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-08 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-09 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-10 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-11 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-12 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-13 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-14 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-15 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-16 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-17 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-18 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-19 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-20 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-21 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-22 Brise-House-in-Rio-de-Janeiro-by-Gisele-Taranto-Arquitetura-23

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