Ridgewood by GA Design

Ridgewood by GA Design

Architects: GA Design
Location: Jogeshwari, Mumbai, India
Area: 1,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Prashant Bhatt

This residential apartment has been designed by GA design in Mumbai. It is located close to the main arterial highway in Mumbai city, India.

Ridgewood by GA Design-01

This stylish 1200 sq.ft. apartment maintains a modern minimalist design. A light, cool and breezy look has been achieved by using a lot of glass. White walls, rich sheer curtains, glass and huge mirrors are the vital design elements used to create the sophisticated interiors.

Ridgewood by GA Design-02

The colour palette of grey, white and orange continues throughout the apartment in various forms, making it a visually appealing space. Black light fixtures add an interesting accent to the smartly customized furniture pieces, while orange as a colour pop instantly livens up every room.

Ridgewood by GA Design-03

Satuario floor tiles, satin furnishings, a glass wardrobe for the master bedroom and a glass wall for the study lend elegance & openness to this apartment. When combined with other elements like customized soft furnishings, exclusive wallpaper and stylish accessories, the space created is elegant and irresistible.

Ridgewood by GA Design-04 Ridgewood by GA Design-05 Ridgewood by GA Design-06 Ridgewood by GA Design-07 Ridgewood by GA Design-08 Ridgewood by GA Design-09 Ridgewood by GA Design-10 Ridgewood by GA Design-11 Ridgewood by GA Design-12 Ridgewood by GA Design-13 Ridgewood by GA Design-14 Ridgewood by GA Design-15 Ridgewood by GA Design-16 Ridgewood by GA Design-17 Ridgewood by GA Design-18

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