Residence the Grands Jardins overlooking the St. Lawrence River by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Grands Jardins Mountain Residence overlooking the St. Lawrence River by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Architects: Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes
Location: Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec, Canada
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Alexandre Guilbeault

The Grands-Jardins home is situated in the Charlevoix locale, particularly in Petite-Rivière-St-François, near the Massif ski station. It sits on the mountainside on a rough lush site neglecting the St. Lawrence River. One of the significant difficulties of the task was to position the house in order to upgrade the security and the perspectives offered by the site. The house is assembled parallel to the road and at a slight edge in order to watch out over the south and the stream. From within, you feel you are in a boat’s lodge. As the house is situated on a profound slant, bystanders can see the top level from the road, while on the stream side, three over the ground levels carefully ascend to uncover a façade interconnected by a play of points and glass.


This contemporary home emerges with its strong, vertiginous structure. While the house is very much moored in the stone, the volume of white wood appears to lift starting from the earliest stage the lower level is set off by a progression of vast bond pilings. A wooden walkway join the home to the stopping range and gives a considerably more aeronautical look to the structure. The upper level appears to bring flight with its exhibitions anticipating into unfilled space. Without uncertainty the coming full circle purpose of the undertaking is the massive overhanging front room that truly extends and opens onto the inclines of the Massif. These formal accomplishments are accomplished through the utilization of a steel structure; the customer needed to see this structure, for the most part the bracings that casing the scene.


The clients arrangement is refined. The home incorporates, on level 0, an activity room and an office with extensive windows watching out on nature; a wine basement mixing into the staircase; a studio/workshop and access to the pool. The principle passage through the walkway is on level 1. An extensive storeroom, added to the corridor, gives a spot to store ski gear and different things. Likewise on this level are a multipurpose room with chimney and the youngsters’ rooms with washroom. A staircase set in a passage of red cedar welcomes you up toward level 2. This deliberate pressure around the staircase prompts a roomy, light-filled zone that incorporates the kitchen, lounge area and parlor. This space has windows on three sides and uncovers the basic steel skeleton. The uncovered solid floor and the steel loan a modern feel while the wood floor and the focal chimney relax the rooms. The perspective is amazing. Another component: the concrete kitchen counter is by all accounts gliding over the floor and reaches out past the base. Notwithstanding the patios, this ethereal level incorporates the expert suite with room, stroll in storeroom and private shower.


This house is roused by contemporary Scandinavian estates and puts forth a glad expression in the Quebec scene. The formal lines are compelling yet the decision of materials, the even white wood and the vertical red cedar slats, bind together the task and incorporate it into the site.

Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-04 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-05 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-06 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-07 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-08 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-09 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-10 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-11 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-12 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-13 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-14 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-15 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-16 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-17 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-18 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-19 Grands-Jardins-Mountain-Residence-overlooking-the-St-Lawrence-River-by-Bourgeois-Lechasseur-Architectes-20

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