Renovation of Stepping House by Bower Architecture

Renovation of Stepping House by Bower Architecture

Architects: Bower Architecture
Location: Caulfield, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Shannon McGrath

Venturing House investigates the open doors that emerge from prizing the unassuming size of its unique 1960’s facing. Through the investigation of touchy new augmentations of expanding size, the building design, insides and scene join to regard the current extents and structure a huge and amazing excursion.


The venture brief was for a manageable and private house containing an assortment of living spaces loaded with warmth, surface and associations with outside. Our reaction tried to ensure the exquisite single story extents of the facing and cover the size of new augmentations from the streetscape. The configuration idea breaks the current held bit and new house into three pieces (the progressions), of expanding size in a U plan around a focal outside space.


The subsequent house coordinates structural planning with scene and gives a tender and energizing move in volume and scale as it is experienced. The nonappearance of a front wall permits the house to draw in with people in general space and the low passage burrow and dim section hall drastically outlines the viewpoint to scene and pool past. Australian bluestone and blackbutt timber surfaces add warmth to the powder room and kitchen, which looks to high north-bound focal living ranges where a blend of immediate and dappled light make a play of whites crosswise over textured surfaces including bounteous stowed brickwork. The focal chimney and changes to levels and materials join to accomplish a harmony in the middle of openness and characterized spaces, holding an individual scale.


Different associations are produced using the living ranges to the outer spaces all through. The focal living volume join with north and south open air territories, encouraging characteristic cross ventilation. Discontinuity of the back two story room square is proficient with cantilevered shapes and a drifting steel outline, which incorporates steel edges showed to fulfill administrative disregarding necessities. These motions make a progression of open air rooms, which augment evening sun section and encompass a developing tree which step by step develops inside.


The dialect of surrounding, screening and textured surfaces is proceeded through the joinery and insides where wealthier materials are set close by a limited palette, re-translating the 1960’s dialect of the first house. Venturing House is devoted to the making of richly proportioned, utilitarian inside and outside spaces which come from the maintenance of its unassuming existing streetscape extents to make a vital and enduring family home.


Taken a toll diminishing uninvolved maintainability frameworks are basic to the outline and are encouraged by the U molded arrangement with a northerly living angle and sun shading along its whole length. The house is divided at its most astounding western end to boost the measure of daylight to outside and inside spaces. Cautious situation of operable windows to north and south yards from the living regions encourage common cross ventilation.


Banks of louvers inside of the family room and stair segments permit the house to facilitate actually debilitate when suitable. Inner utilization of brickwork to dividers and chimney components and a solid chunk give successful warm mass. A 21,000 liter underground watertank gathers stormwater for patio nursery watering system and can flushing. The zoning of the house into unmistakable open, living and room pieces and comparing zoning of hydronic warming and mechanical cooling frameworks further builds productivity and minimizes waste.

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