Radon: A Threat To Homes & Ways To Check Its Presence

Radon: A Threat To Homes & Ways To Check Its Presence


Radon is a harmful gas and inhaling it can affect your health. When the radon is built up in homes, it is worrisome as the majority of lung cancer cases are caused due to exposure to radon. Radon is invisible and hence it cannot be seen, smelled or tasted. But, it is a concern when you inhale it as the risk of lung cancer is high in such cases.


How to check the level of radon present in your home?

The only way to check the radon levels is through testing. Radon testing in NH is performed by home inspectors. They find ways to fix the radon levels especially if it’s on the higher side. Radon is found in the majority of the houses in the United States. The main factor that contributes to the growth of radon is due to the breakdown of uranium in water, rock and soil. The same gets transmitted in the air which we breathe. If there are holes or cracks in the foundation, it gives room for radon to enter into your house. Also, the well water is another place where radon can make an entry. Whether it is a new home or an old one, radon can exist anywhere. People get exposed to radon mostly from their homes. 


Checklist to check the Radon level

The occupants of the house should be notified on the significance of thorough testing of radon. A written instruction can be given explaining the directions clearly. The radon test is conducted for a minimum duration of 48 hours. While performing a short term test that may range from 4 to 7 days, the house should be in closed conditions. To do the testing, you may hire home inspectors in Concord, NH. They are qualified professionals and perform rigorous testing to ensure that your home is free from health hazards.


Importance of Radon testing

The radon test should be performed as early as you can before you move into your new home. However, if you are a real estate owner, try to get the tests performed before placing an ad in the market. The tests should be done in the home with the lowest level of radon as it is best suited for occupancy. In simple words, get the tests done at the lowest level in your existing home or the one not in use, but a buyer can consider it to live without renovating it.

The result of the radon test is crucial as it estimates the radon level of your home. Most of the states need gauging testers for following a particular testing procedure. If you wish to do the tests yourself, ensure that the testing procedure is followed for your location. If you are hiring professionals, they need to be registered and certified. After doing the test for radon, you may wish to sell your home. However, the tests should be done precisely to provide the outcomes to the prospective buyer. Regardless of the type of test you perform, a potential buyer can ask for a fresh test under the following reasons.

  • When the radon test checklist items are not met
  • If the previous test is not done in recent times, for instance within 2 years.
  • If the house is modified or renovated post the tests were done
  • If the buyer prefers living at a lower level than the one that was tested.
  • If the local government demands radon information disclosure to buyers.

Under these circumstances, the radon test needs to be done once again. If you wish to purchase a new home or want to sell the existing one, getting the radon test is important.

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