New house built on the old structures for weekends gathering and spending time with friends

New house built on the old structures for weekends gathering and spending time with friends

Architects: Sarsayeh Architectural Office
Location: Isfahan, Iran
Year: 2017
Area: 5.059 ft²/ 470 m²
Photo courtesy: Farshid Nasrabadi

“Being far from nature perhaps is one of the bitter phenomenon in nowadays modern lives. Living in spiritless and compact apartments evokes the need of keeping in touch with nature and being far away from cities chaos. The small city of Kooshk on the west side of Isfahan and the and its surrounding beautiful gardens are always a good choice for experiencing a desirable lifetime.

In this project, our client wanted to build a new house on the old structures remained in his garden, for two main goals:
• Experiencing a life on the nature neighborhood.
• Build a suitable place for weekends gathering and spending time with friends.

Our solution for solving this conflict had two parts :
• Continuity of nature from outside to the inside of the house.
• Having some flexible facades.

So in first steps of thinking, the client’s enthusiasm for nature led us to destroy the borders between inside and outside of the house. But because of the garden situation and client’s demand to keep inside totally safe from outside visual dominance, especially in ceremony times, it was not possible to have the maximum transparency in all times.

Therefore while being inside nature our house has a small nature inside! And it can open its closed face partially or entirely to the outside whenever it is needed. The main geometry of building’s volume is a result of a rotation between garden main direction and entrance direction. As the house tries to turn its face toward guests while entering to say welcome!

And we had no better place inside than the conjunction of house two main direction for emplacing our small nature and creating our KooshkKhaneh’s heart.”

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