Nawamin 24 House: a contemporary simple house in Bangkok by I Like Design Studio

Nawamin 24 House: a contemporary simple house in Bangkok by I Like Design Studio

Architects: I Like Design Studio
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2013
Area: 4.090 ft²/ 380 m²
Photo courtesy: Soopakorn Srisakul

“The project start from the idea that the owner is looking for more living space in the future and existing home with parent may not able to answer. After he is looking back through time, the old house that the owner growth-up and belong to his parent is not yet sold, locate in the same village, and surrounding with good neighbor. That is where the project begins.


The old house is one and half duplex with the mixed between wood and concrete, facing down south and having good air circulation through-out the entire house. He decided to fresh start the project by removes the existing house and start his passion from the ground up. The first request he brief to the architecture is best possible air circulation, and the second request is he love to see 45 degree rooftop because the design speak-out the harmony between modern and Thai design in his view.


After providing both concepts the architect tone-down the rooftop design by split the house into 2 modules in order to create a better mass of 45 degree rooftop. The rooftop of the left module reflects modern design with flat rooftop, and the right module covers with 45 degree rooftop design. The idea helps overall design of the house and reflect stacking of mass and better shape of the house.


View is another matter of the design. Location of the house is surrounding with 30 years old houses, and not many angle for good views. The architect solved this matter by creates small open spaces in a few zone inside the house in order to bring the light in from the top. This would bring shed of the sun during the day and privacy over the night. Another highlight area of the home is living and dining room which is the largest space of the house with the maximum possible view surrounding with outdoor garden and garage. One of the owner passion is to collect vintage cars and he would please to look at the cars from the living room. Thus, the architect create vintage car view from the living area for him for his personal enjoyment. That is the begin story and concept to bring this compact house to home.”

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