Modern two-room flat designed to create an additional bedroom thanks to the vertical wood sticks

Over the dining table there is ceiling lamp with latten elements. With the help of this we emphasized statusness and expensiveness of the interior.

Color scheme

We used neutral complex tones of brown and grey. There is an active grey wall in the living room. Children’s room looks a little bit hipsterish because of usage of white brick in combination with bright accents of blue and yellow colors. This room is the only one, where we used bright colors.


We used Russian manufacturers of the soft furniture (e.i. sofa of 8 Marta), and also designer brands replicas. There is minimal amount of detached furniture: armchair and sofa in the living room, desk in the children’s room. Mainly all furniture is built-in.

Décor and textile

We followed fashionable trend and added latten elements. In general all furniture and lightening are décor that form interior climate. In neutral monochrome interior game is set by green plants.


The wall in the kitchens zone is too odd. We needed to level it, for not having problems when placing cabinetry. It won’t be easy technically to place wooden lathes. We will need to place inserts on the floor and at the ceiling for lathes’ stableness. This question we will resolve together with supplier.

Built-in baseboard and jib doors are also a difficult pill to swallow. This is out-of-box solution, that requires detailed working out of nod points of the walls.”

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