Maison Escalier by Moussafir Architectes Associés

Maison Escalier by Moussafir Architectes Associés

Architects: Moussafir Architectes Associés
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2011
Area: 1,650 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hervé Abbadie

Based on the site of an old house set between two structures in the heart of an extremely all around saved square in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, this house is planned as a tree-such as structure delimited on three sides by the first dividers. Just the altogether coated south façade misrepresents the verging on aggregate remaking of the building and gives a look at the volumetric many-sided quality of its inside spaces. Significantly more than that of a tree, the best illustration for the venture may be that of a Cyclopean stairway: the house is a stair whose center houses the wet rooms, whose stairwell is characterized by the peaks of the neighboring structures, and whose strides and arrivals shape the different living spaces.


The way that there was no compelling reason to parcel the rooms (with the exception of the bathrooms) implies that there is a feeling of aggregate spatial progression from cellar to rooftop patio. The structure, altogether of steel, is comprised of cantilevered floors borne by the focal center and somewhat separated from the three external dividers onto which have been united cement confines that go about as fabricated furniture. The decision of materials strengthens the structural configuration: the allotments of the focal center, the floors and the roofs are all clad in insect tree, whose shading and design diverge from the surface and whiteness of the external dividers.

Maison-Escalier-01 Maison-Escalier-02 Maison-Escalier-03-1 Maison-Escalier-03 Maison-Escalier-04-1 Maison-Escalier-04-2 Maison-Escalier-04-3 Maison-Escalier-04-4 Maison-Escalier-04-5 Maison-Escalier-04-6 Maison-Escalier-04 Maison-Escalier-05-0-1 Maison-Escalier-05-0-2 Maison-Escalier-05-0 Maison-Escalier-05-1 Maison-Escalier-05 Maison-Escalier-06 Maison-Escalier-07 Maison-Escalier-08 Maison-Escalier-09-1 Maison-Escalier-09-2 Maison-Escalier-09-3 Maison-Escalier-09 Maison-Escalier-10 Maison-Escalier-11 Maison-Escalier-12 Maison-Escalier-13 Maison-Escalier-19 Maison-Escalier-20 Maison-Escalier-21-1 Maison-Escalier-21-2 Maison-Escalier-21-3 Maison-Escalier-21 Maison-Escalier-22-1 Maison-Escalier-22 Maison-Escalier-23 Maison-Escalier-24-1 Maison-Escalier-24 Maison-Escalier-30-1 Maison-Escalier-30 Maison-Escalier-31 Maison-Escalier-32 Maison-Escalier-33 Maison-Escalier-34 Maison-Escalier-35 Maison-Escalier-36 Maison-Escalier-37 Maison-Escalier-38 Maison-Escalier-39 Maison-Escalier-41 Maison-Escalier-42 Maison-Escalier-43 Maison-Escalier-44 Maison-Escalier-45

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